About Edmund J. Sikorski, Jr., J.D.

40 Years of Excellence in Law

Ed Sikorski has developed an extensive range of legal experience over four decades that makes him uniquely qualified to provide a higher standard of mediation service.  

The key to his enhanced value as a mediator is his broad range of knowledge in multiple disciplines, unlike mediators who are only familiar with one or two areas of litigated subject matter.  


To get a comprehensive overview of the width and breadth of this experience, click here to view the Curriculum Vitae for Edmund J. Sikorski, Jr., J.D.


Unlike other mediators, Ed Sikorski is dedicated to performing mediations only, leaving the practice of law to the local community of attorneys.

This specialization allows him to focus on the constant need to develop and implement better tools and techniques to address the changing dynamics of negotiations in our legal system.

The result is service from a seasoned legal professional who knows how to help all parties in a truly facilitative, rather than a directive way.  To find out more about how Ed Sikorski can specifically meet your mediation needs, click here to contact him directly.

Certifications & Resources

In addition to being an Approved Civil Mediator (Washtenaw County, Michigan), Ed Sikorski is one of the few mediators who have both a Circuit Civil Mediator and Appellate Mediator certification.  

Appellate mediation gives parties a second opportunity after a trial decision to take control of the controversy and exercise self-determination under accepted mediation rules to bring an end to a conflict before an appeal.  If you have an appeal pending or one in the offing, give Ed a call so he can talk about how an appellate mediation could help resolve your case positively.

Cost Effectiveness

In order to make his services more cost effective, Ed has designed his rates to provide the best possible value.

His unique brand of focused mediation services (optionally conducted at your office) is offered for a highly competitive hourly fee starting at $250.00 for two party mediations.